Service Times
  • Sunday
    • 9:45 AM Sunday School
    • 11:00 AM Morning Worship
    • 6:00 PM Evening Worship
  • Wednesday
    • 5:30 PM Children's Bible Study
    • 6:30 PM Wednesday Night Youth
    • 6:30 PM Wednesday Night Prayer & Study
    • 6:30 PM Children's Choir

We exist to proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Community, Mission, and Worship.

Our four pillars: Gospel, Community, Mission, and Worship.  

God's Gospel Story:

In the beginning God created everything to be perfect. God is a holy, loving, authority to which each of us is accountable.  

Man rebelled against God believing Satan's lies.  Sin entered into the world and into every human heart causing everything to be broken, distorted and fallen.  Everyone is guilty before God.  

Jesus, who is God, came to earth to rescue people by His life, death, resurrection, and ascension back to heaven.  By grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ, all who are separated from Him can be forgiven and enjoy God.  

Jesus is coming again to restore everything back to the way it is supposed to be, and those who trust in Jesus will enjoy eternity in this new creation.  

The right response to this story is to believe (admit your need), repent (asking god to forgive you and to turn from your sins), and trust in Jesus alone (confidence that He rescues your past, present, and future); following Him as King of your life from this day forward.  

There are two parts to this Gospel story.  The first is an overview of human history; Creation, Fall, Rescue, Restoration.  The second is how we specifically become a part of this story; God, Man, Christ, Response.  

God is inviting you to be a part of the Story.  He is offering Salvation, the rescue, today.


Our Beliefs and Doctrine adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000:

Baptist Faith and Message 2000