Sermon Notes: December 4th

Sermon Notes

“Mighty God”

Isaiah 9:6

Pastor Philip Corbean



1. Jesus Saves Through His __________ 


“The seed of the woman, this child of Eve, who one day would come and do what Adam should have done in the garden and trample on the serpent’s head. And so when God took flesh and came to dwell among us that day in Bethlehem, this seed of the woman was born and He came to do battle with the great enemy of our souls.” David Strain


2. Jesus Saves Through His  __________ 


a. In His __________  John 10:30

b. In His __________  Matthew 9:2-3

c. In His __________  Matthew 9:5-7


3.  Jesus Saves Because He’s  __________ 


“Then, let’s think about that other half of the title given to Jesus – not just “God” but “Mighty God.” The word in the original is actually used to describe a hero, a mighty man of valor, a warrior in fact. You could translate it in precisely those terms. “His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Warrior God.” Why did God become a man? Why was Jesus born? God became man; Christ was born to fight for you. That’s what this means. He came to fight for you.” David Strain

Sermon Reflection

How has Christ shown you his might?